Youth and women called upon to take out loans from BIJE and BIDF to carry out development projects

In the morning of Saturday, February 25, 2023, the Senate Speaker, Right Honourable Emmanuel SINZOHAGERA, accompanied by a senator elected in the constituency of Ruyigi and the Minister of Justice, Mrs. Domine Banyankimbona, joined the population of Karambi village, Bisinde zone in commune and province of Ruyigi, in cleaning gutters and plugging potholes on the road linking the communes of Ruyigi and Butezi.

In the afternoon of that day, he continued his trip in the zone and commune of Gisuru, where he joined the Christians of the United Methodist Church in Burundi, of the parish of Rango, in planting tree, in the village of Ntende.

On the sidelines of these activities, Right Honourable SINZOHAGERA proceeded to the inauguration of a new church of this parish, on the same village.

In a message addressed to Burundians in general, and more specifically to the population of all these localities which were visited, Right Honourable SINZOHAGERA congratulated the population of this province, for their dedication to community development activities, and encouraged them to go forward.

He called on women and young people to take out loans from the Investment and Development Bank for Women (BIDF) and the Youth Investment Bank (BIJE), in order to carry out development projects. He called on them to ensure hygiene in their living environments.

The Speaker of the Senate, at the same time Legal Representative of the United Methodist Church in Burundi urged the faithful of this Church to take the lead in the realization of development projects, in particular those of the agro-pastoral field and the protection of environment, to increase performance. He also advised them to exploit the land holdings belonging to their parishes.

He promised encouragement to this parish, for the good projects it has carried out. The parish offered him a goat as well as food, as a sign of gratitude for his dedication to work and the apostolate.

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