• 18 February 2023

The inhabitants of Ruyigi called for the preservation of their harvest and environment protection

On February 18, 2023, the Second Vice-president of the Senate, Honourable Cyriaque Nshimirimana, joined the population of the commune of Bweru, in the province of Ruyigi, in the activity consisting in the concreting of the classrooms of the basic school of Mubavu.

In his message, Honourable Nshimirimana invited the inhabitants of that locality not to squander their harvest. In addition, he urged them to sow on time during this cultivation period. Regarding cleanliness, Honourable Nshimirimana invited this population to keep their households and their bodies clean and properly latrines;

For the protection of the environment, the Second Vice-president of the Senate urged the population of Ruyigi to plant trees which live in symbiosis with crops, insisting that each family should plant at least 10 of those trees.

Furthermore, he provided them with advice related to the respect of administrative authorities, social cohesion, preservation of peace and security. He recommended them to advise each other when needed.

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