The population of Mwaro urged to get down to community development work

In the morning of Saturday, February 18, 2023, the First Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Honourable Dénise Ndadaye, joined the population of Kayokwe village, in the province of Mwaro, in the cleaning of the gutters of the road joining Kayokwe and Ndava communes.

In a message addressed to the population, Honourable Ndadaye reminded that work is the source of development.

She thanked the population present for having responded to this work. “It is a sign that you respect the call of the President of the Republic inviting Burundians to get down to development activities”, she hammered.

Honourable Ndadaye advised them to continue to get down to development work and cultivate the fields to cope with the famine.

The 1st Deputy Speaker of the Senate also challenged the population to respect each other and submit their wishes while respecting the hierarchical authorities.

In addition, Honourable Ndadaye urged communal administrators to keep on organizing community development activities every Saturday. She asked the population present to sensitize those who have not yet understood the importance of these activities so that they should also participate.

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