Towards the building of the premises of the Parliament and Ministries in Gitega

The Right Honourable Emmanuel Sinzohagera, Senate Speaker, received in audience, on Thursday, February 16, 2023, representatives of a consortium of two Indian companies CCB Designs Pvt Ltd and Shah Technical consultants Pvt Ltd who are updating the studies of the building Project of the premises of the Parliament and Ministries in Gitega, political capital of Burundi.

During that audience, which was also attended by the two Deputy Speakers of the Senate, the representatives of the two companies presented designs of the future buildings of the parliament and ministries. In their conception, these buildings will be durable and easy to maintain. They will also be symbols of stability and security as state buildings.

The final feasibility study report for the building of those premises is expected in two months and will be presented to the ministry in charge of infrastructure.

The concern of the Speaker of the Senate is that the actual construction work of these buildings should start as soon as possible, especially since the financial means are already available. However, for the ministerial buildings which will be erected at the old airfield, the current project will cover two buildings; the others will be added gradually.

The interest for Burundian citizens will be enormous as all ministries will be on one site.

The parliament complex will be erected in Nyabututsi and will include the hemicycles and the offices of the Senate and the National Assembly.

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