• 26 February 2023

The Christians of the Pentecostal Church Called to Keep Their Lamps Burned

On Sunday, February 26, 2023, Right Honourable Emmanuel Sinzohagera, Senate Speaker and Legal Representative of the United Methodist Church in Burundi, accompanied by certain administrators from the province of Ruyigi, joined the Christians of the Pentecostal Church of Iyogero, zone and commune, in the province of Ruyigi, in a Sunday prayer.

In his preaching, the Senate Speaker based himself on certain holy scriptures, in particular Proverbs 20: 27, Gospel according to Saint Luke 12:35, and told them that the breath of man is a lamp of the Lord; which penetrates to the depths of the entrails. He called them to keep their loins girded, and their lamps burning. He also advised them to set a good example in their neighbourhoods, avoid sin, be the light of the world, and be guided by the Holy Spirit.

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