The Second Deputy speaker of the Senate joins the population of Bujumbura province in a march in support of the President of the Republic

On Saturday, February 25, 2023, the Second Deputy speaker of the Senate, Honourable Cyriaque Nhimirimana, joined the population of Nyabiraba commune in Bujumbura province in a march of support for the President of the Republic for having been elected third Vice-president of the African Union and acclaimed Champion of the Agenda, Youth, Peace and Security of this Union.

In a message delivered, just after this march, Honourable Cyriaque Nhimirimana invited the population to continue to support the Head of State by getting down to development work.

He asked the parents to serve as role models in their respective households and work to fight against hunger and poverty.

The Second Deputy Speaker of the Upper House of the Parliament advised the administrative authorities to plan development projects for the youth and work for the interest of the people. In addition, he asked the inhabitants of Nyabiraba to love for and help one another.

Honourable Nshimirimana ended his message by calling on the Bagumyabanga of the CNDD-FDD to serve as good examples everywhere.

Shortly before, he joined the population in the tracing of the road connecting the Kinyami and Bubaji villages of this commune.

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