Assessment campaign of the ethnic quota system in Karusi and Muramvya provinces

With a view to implementing the mission conferred to Burundi Senate by article 289 of Constitution, concerning the assessment of ethnic quotas system in the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, Right Honourable Emmanuel Sinzohagera, Speaker of this institution, met representatives of the population of Karusi province, at the chief town of Buhiga commune, on 31 August 2023.

In his message, Right Honourable Emmanuel Sinzohagera indicated that the Senate is in the process of collecting proposals on the need to abolish or maintain the system of ethnic quotas in those States organs, with a view to forwarding the report to the Head of State, so that appropriate decisions can be taken.

The Senate Speaker asked those leaders to organise such meetings with the people they lead, in order to collect their proposals and convey them to competent authorities who, in turn, will pass them on to the Senate.

On the same mission, the Second Deputy Speaker of this institution, Honourable Fabrice Nkurunziza, met representatives of the population of Muramvya province at the chief town of that province.

During all those meetings, some participants proposed to abolish ethnic quota system while others opted to maintain it.

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