• 14 September 2023

Education officials in Bujumbura urged to implement strategies to improve pupil performance

On Thursday, September 14, 2023, the Senate Speaker, Right Honourable Emmanuel Sinzohagera, held a meeting at the Chief-Town of Nyabiraba commune, in Bujumbura province, for education officials to discuss strategies to be implemented in order to improve pupil performance.

In order to achieve this goal, Right Honourable Sinzohagera advised them to ensure the supervision of pupils by providing action plans for the school year which is about to begin. He also invited local authorities to contribute.

He called on school headmasters to reorganize their staff and set up timetables for supervising pupils.

In addition, the Speaker of the Senate asked them to hold meetings with parents to discuss education-related issues and communicate action plans to them.

He reminded school headmasters to expel pupils who are notoriously undisciplined and who, subsequently, break school rules.

Shortly before this meeting, Right Honourable Sinzohagera joined the people of Nyabiraba village in tracing contour lines and bamboos along these lines, and called on them to protect the environment and closely monitor pupils’ education, with particular emphasis on young girls.

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