• 16 September 2023

The Right Honourable Sinzohagera invites the people of Bururi to contribute to the development of their constituency

On Saturday 16 September 2023, the Speaker of the Senate, Right Honourable Emmanuel Sinzohagera, joined the people of Bururi commune and province in the construction of a foundation for the office of the provincial police station.

In a message addressed to the population, Right Honourable Sinzohagera invited the natives of Bururi to contribute to the development of their constituency.

He thanked the Provincial Commissioner of Police for having undertaken the project to set up this office. The Speaker of the Senate advised them to preserve peace and security by strengthening the joint security committees.

The Speaker of the Upper House of the Parliament called on the heads of judicial institutions to decide cases without bias in order to avoid injustice.

He gave them other advice, inviting the population to protect the environment, help children of the batwa community to attend school.

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